Let Your Customer Reviews Lead To Awards That Build Your Credibility And Authority

The Health Hero Awards were created by TotalWellnessClub.

TotalWellnessClub collates and publishes online ratings and reviews for natural wellness products and services. Each review collected on the TotalWellnessClub system adds up to a Health Hero Award. Wellness professionals and product suppliers can add these award wins to their marketing materials and PR - adding social proof from their clients and users.

Being able to say a product or service is award winning gives it instant credibility and authority, especially when being introduced to an audience, giving out business cards or on a website profile. A Health Hero Award give that credibility and authority.

There are currently three level of awards, bronze, silver and gold, plus annual awards for different categories.

Enabling Better Health...

These days more and more people are turning to rate and review style websites for help when it comes to making informed buying decisions. They want to know they are making the best choice possible before investing in a product or service. TotalWellnessClub's reviews now make it easier for people to make these informed choices with the most important aspect of our life's - our health. Simply put: TotalWellnessClub helps build trust and understanding between a wellness supplier and a wellness buyer. 

Building Trust

When an individual is looking to get health or stay healthy they are looking for a professional they can trust. More than anyone else we tend to trust the recommendations we are given by others. Through the reviews on the TotalWellnessClub website an individual can now more easily find that trusted professional and go on to get the health, fitness or wellness answers they need.

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Neil Fellowes, Director

"The reviews people leave on TotalWellnessClub help others transparently see what works. No marketing hype. Just real people saying real things, recommending and helping each other find what works for their health, fitness and general well-being."

Neil Fellowes, Director, www.TotalWellness.Club