If Ever There Was A Time For Celebrating Great Work In Health, Fitness And Well-being... It’s Now!

What are the Health Hero Awards?

The Health Hero Awards are a celebration of the most trusted, respected and loved health heroes. We’re not just looking for the businesses posting the highest profits or getting the most coverage in the press. We are celebrating the professional, company or organisation judged on the most important factor of all – did they make a positive difference to their customers? 

Just click ‘vote now’ (below) and find who you want to review on the TotalWellnessClub.


How does it work?

We’re on a mission to find the most trusted professionals, businesses and organisations in UK who have helped you improve your health, fitness or well-being.

You can vote in the Health Hero Awards in two ways:
1. By review - A review left on the TotalWellnessClub webiste counts as two points towards the annual Health Hero awards. Review also build to individual Health hero awards, bronze, Silver and Gold, given after 10,50 and 100 reviews where the average customer review reflects a rating of 4.5 (or better) out of 5. 

2. In October each year you can vote for a Health Hero. A vote counts as one point.



Search for the Health Hero you want to vote for using the search option.  From their nomination page click the Vote Now button - that's it!

What to do if you have been voted for

If you are a fitness trainer, nutritionist, wellness coach or provider, a therapist or if you provide a wellness service or product and you can use a Health Hero Award as a mark of credibility. Potential clients look at awards and want to work with people who have won them. And the great thing is these awards are being voted for by your clients… people who have already seen the value of your work. You can also use your award to attract more publicity, attention and credibility.  So why not let your existing clients know they can nominate you for an award.


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