The Health Hero Awards

The Health Hero Awards are a celebration of the most trusted, respected professionals in well-being. Voted for by the public, a Health Hero is a professional, company or organisation you know you can trust with either your health, fitness or well-being.

About The Health Hero Awards The Health Hero Awards are a celebration of the well-being movement movement. It is born from a desire to raise awareness of the great work taking place in health, fitness and well-being.

How the Health Hero Awards Work

We’re on a mission to find the most trusted professionals, businesses and organisations in UK who have helped you improve your health, fitness or well-being.

The professionals, businesses and organisations that win Health Hero Awards will have improved the life of many people, helping them with their health, fitness or well-being.

They will have delivered great service multiple times. You can be sure a winner will have provided a top-class experience.

We want to celebrate as many great UK Health Heroes as possible, so we’ve created three categories. You can nominate as many professionals, companies or organisations as you have personally experienced.

Health Hero Nomination and Award Process

You can vote for a wellness professional at any point during the year by reviewing their work on their TotalWellnessClub page. Alternatively you may vote when voting opens in October.   A review  helps your wellness professional towards an annual award as well as a bronze, silver or gold award. It also carries 2 points. A vote counts as one point.

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